Dresses for All Your Formal & Casual Needs.

go hand in hand for us.
Custom-designs for all our categories.


Dresses for All Your Formal & Casual Needs.

clothing at its finest.
Custom-designs for all our categories.


Dresses for All Your Formal & Casual Needs.

modernity and traditions.
Custom-designs for all our categories.

About Us

KEHINDE APPARELS Apparel is an African attire clothing store and a fashion brand that is based in East Point, Georgia. The brand was created with fashion, quality, and professionalism in mind. You may often find yourself struggling to find outfits in your wardrobe that give a professional feel, or there may be times when you are looking to dress up for an occasion and want to show off your African heritage but can’t find anything that fits the description.

To avoid such moments, KEHINDE APPARELS apparel is here to help our customers, providing them with affordable products such as latest African attire designs for ladies to browse through at their fingertips without compromising on the quality.

From South African attire for ladies inspired by the African culture to African skirt, wedding attire, ladies headwrap & head turbans, face masks, hats, latest lace blouse and wrapper, dashiki, etc. we have everything for our customers available on our website as we serve the best African traditional attire.

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African woman headwraps (Dhuku), as they are called in the local language, hold a very distinctive position in the history of Africa and are used as a part of African attire because of its longevity and significance. It is quite a statement to wear these fashionable wraps, and they add a unique touch to your over-all outfit.

You can find African print dresses for any and every occasion at our store. The African clothing style has come a long way, especially for women, and has progressed from traditions that date back to hundreds of years. You will find all of those traditions mixed with the latest designs at our store.

The current situation with a global pandemic prevalent in the world. We at KEHINDE APPARELS Apparel are mindful of the need of the time. Face masks are a necessity, but who says that you have to look boring while wearing one. You can buy one of our many styled face masks with fun prints from our store, so you are socially responsible without compromising on your fashion choices.

With KEHINDE APPARELS Apparel, you can create custom designs for your clothes. It’s time to embrace your creative side and let us design your personalized clothing, dresses, headwraps, and so much more. From vibrant prints, gorgeous colors, dynamic designs and the traditional African patterns, we can custom-design almost everything.

African apparel Dashiki is a traditional colorful garment used by both men as well as women, mostly in West African regions. It’s used to cover the top half of the body, and the designs can vary from informal drapes to formal tailored suits.

Dashiki has been notably popularized and reclaimed by the African American Community. In recent years the Dashiki print has become an essential part of the streetwear attire and a must-have. It has even been called the new It item to have in the wardrobe and can be found in continents across Europe, Asia, and America. From oversized shirts to full-length dress in vibrant colors, dashiki is the go-to for adding some color and style to your wardrobe.


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