African blouse


Stand out with the unique African fashion skirts and blouses. The traditional print on our apparel is soft and roomy and designed for comfort and style. We also have a variety of African blouse and wrapper styles available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Get yours today.


Our African attire skirts and blouses are available in premium quality. We have limited stock left, so hurry now or regret it later. Our pieces are original and fresh; they are hundred percent unique and have soft fabric. We also sell really great fabrics, head wraps, and turbans that you can match with the blouses and show off your attire. Some of our items sell out quickly, so grab them now. Get yours today and ensure your favorite design doesn’t sell out. Hand washes in cold water only with mild laundry detergent. You can also use a professional dry clean service. However, please do not wring or twist. Just shake off excess water and hang to air dry. ¬†Also, do not use bleach and only iron when it is dry.


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